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DAWENHA is a writing notebooks brand 
that's founded on the values of Art and creativity mixed with the theme of the underground culture.
It appeals to people who are in pursuit of writing to art-lovers whose preferences are shaped by the underground artistic atmosphere.
Our philosophy in DAWENHA is to make our people feel unique and help them to get rid of uniformity and start expressing their character in their writings. These people are the people who are making the world more beautiful by writing, reading, drawing, following, playing and listening. These people, we hope, are our lovely consumers.
One of Dawenha’s most important goals is to meet the spiritual necessities of these people. 
We take care of making our products in Dawenha (Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Planners, etc.) fit the daily life for all our consumers. 
It will be the reliable travel companion, perfect for calculations, thoughts and passing notes, ample blank space for realizing ambitious projects and zooming in on details.

Dawenha will also help you to stay on top of your work, wherever it takes you. our products feature an array of layouts for key tasks and goals to prepare you for a day in the office, a business meeting or a creative brainstorm. enjoy the satisfaction of checking off a whole to-do list.

There are helpful additions such as today’s date, quote of the day, to-do lists, Sweet memories, Events and concert reminder, Birthdays reminder, Money saving goals, Someday I’ll visit, Movies I have to watch, Books list to read, undo list, life pattern, sketching page. 

Grab some colors, sit back and relax with this beautiful, artistic shapes of illustrations designed specifically for de-stressing. you’ll be hesitant to color it in, even though your own shading only serves to enhance these amazing illustrations. 

We wanted to create a unique brand. That's why we spent a full year creating and developing the name, logo, and brand identity


Dawenha was founded by two idealistic friends of Abdelrahman Hafez and Ahmed Mabrok. Working together, the group proved to be a small but powerful force as time passed.


In our very first year, we started with one product of our favorite Notebook.

Soon, we reached 4 different products and more than 30 designs.
The magic makers of Dawenha got more power by the join of new effective team members .. Ibrahim, Hesham.



Today, Dawenha is available in more than 100 sell points in 23 Egyptian cities, and more than 7 countries as one of the best selling notebooks. 
With 10 dope members of our team, we getting bigger and more experienced, more effective


New products, New designs, New destination to come.


 Today we extend our company to be in Canada and Egypt , we distribute our products around 11 countries.


open the first branch of Dawenha stores


The future is ours.....

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