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Plant A tree to save our planet Earth.

In Dawenha we believe that we are committed to saving our earth and facing the growing pollution. so we proudly started the tree project in co-operation with our awesome fans and customers, we set a goal of plant 200.000 trees during 2020 as a first step.

We will give 5 seeds with every adventure notebook we sell to make you able to plant trees in your favorite places while traveling. you will create a beautiful memory with your signature in these places, and you will checkmark your duty toward the environment. 

let’s work together in growing better places to Live.



Lemon trees were chosen specifically because of the good smell and bright green leaves, and their fruits are very important and indispensable in their daily use, and also for the multiplicity of the types of soil that are planted in them, which will make the success of planting the seeds easier and the result will be to obtain a healthy and beautiful plant in various places and environments.




How to grow the seeds indoors.
1- Wash the seeds in a cup of water.
2- Place the seeds separately on half of the tissue and fold the other half to cover them
3- Place the tissue straight in a plastic box, then wet it with a few drops of water.
4- Store the plastic box for 15 days. Replace some water drops after 5 days.
5- After 15 days have passed, open the tissue, gently take the seeds and place them in its pot.
6- Take care of the plant and place it in a place with sun and water it every three days.
7- After the seedlings grow significantly, transfer them to the land where they will be planted.



How to grow seeds outside the home.
1- Choose a good seed site, making sure that the sun reaches it well.
2- Dig 25 cm in the agricultural soil, put the seeds and cover them well.
3- Place enough water on the place of planting after placing the seeds.
4- Place some straw on the place of planting after watering the soil to prevent water evaporation



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Share your experience, send us the places where you planted your seeds and pictures so that we follow with you the progress of the project to the extent that we reach our goal.



If you are an owner of a project that serves the community or you have a unique idea that benefits the environment, share your ideas with us and we will communicate with you if we have the possibility to participate or implement.
Send an email with your information and project details to ...